Notion of God

Does my Free Will
lessen the Power of God?
the Divine
encompasses my Free Will.

Does the existence of evil
exist apart from God?
the Divine
encompasses all,
Good and evil.

God control Nature?
Nature IS Divine.

On what side of opposites
is God?
the Divine
is the all-inclusive whole
of all the interdependent parts
Truth is in the coming together
of opposites.

When my spiritually immature
notion of God
led to unsolvable issues,
I needed to change
my notion of God.


Not in an Abyss

The Unknown

Most of my life,
I lived not at all
searching the abyss of the unknown,
exploring the mystery of life.

It was far simpler
staying in the light of day,
forgetting the mystery in which I lived,
living comfortably with and in
the familiar.

But then, late in life,
with newly opened eyes,
there appeared the Unknown
I had avoided so long.

Strangely, to me,
it was not hidden at the bottom
of any abyss,
but disguised in all of my life’s
moments of chance, accident, and coincidence.

I just had not had the eyes
or the heart
to see it.

It would not have been easy to pursue
the mysteries of life
but just as mysterious for me now
are all the favorable
events, chances, occurrences
in my life
that have led me
to who I am
and what I do.

Just as I cannot begin to understand
how Creation has come to be,
I cannot begin to understand
all the unknowns about
how I have come to be.
I now realize that
my life has been woven
by inward growth and development
through which my ideas and attitudes
have been formed
as well as
the unknowns external to me
by which I find myself
at the exact point
when and where
all the forces of the universe
meet to work in me
the effect
desired by the Creator.

I need not
seek the unknown
in any abyss;
I live
am becoming
more and more comfortable
with it
all about and in me.

Surprise Me

Joy, Growth, and Purpose in the Unplanned

Some have said
there are no coincidences in life,
no accidents,
that everything is for a purpose.

I had begun to believe that,
to be comfortable with the idea
that the unplanned things in my life
may be part of
a Divine Plan.

But maybe,
there are accidents in life,
true coincidences
and that I simply need to be open to them
and ready to respond creatively.

As I seek Purpose
in my life,
maybe I need to look into
the accidents that seem to occur,
the coincidences that surprise me.

As my life moves along
day by day,
perhaps I simply have to be ready
for the unexpected
in order to catch a hint
of the moving, purpose-filled signs
that pass
like fast-moving lights
in the night sky.

I am going to try to be ready
to accept the many things that happen,
not in my plans,
the mistakes that may have
meaning for me.
I will try not to get stuck
on my own plans and expectations,
vowing to be ready
to deal positively and quickly
with things that go wrong.

I will try to pay attention
to the little lights of epiphany
that call for my positive and creative response.

To do this,
I know I must get my mind, my ego,
out of the way,
for I need the freedom
to respond
without thinking.

In the past I had been
so focused on control,
that I did not appreciate
a passing spark of life
when I saw it.
I fretted over what seemed like
from my plans.

I’m beginning to think
accidents, mistakes, coincidences
carry the most important revelations
about life’s journey
and I need to be aware of them
and to respond
positively and creatively
with Love and Compassion.

This could be fun.

Loving for Love's Sake Alone

In trying to help
Grievers and their Caregivers,
I Love what I am doing.

Though I oft feel inadequate
in such a worthwhile endeavor,
Teilhard de Chardin
encourages me
to simply let the clear spring water of my intentions
flow into my work
as if it were its very substance.

He writes that when
I bathe my intentions in Love,
the least of my work
with Grievers and Caregivers
will be filled with
the Divine.

I realize that the material side
of my activities
has no definitive value,
but what does truly count
and will always endure
is that I act with and in
Divine Love and Compassion.

Teilhard reminds me in his writings
that the Faithful Use of my Gifts
in Love and Compassion
is the only thing that really matters.

He reminds me too
that I should not judge my efforts
based on any visible results,
or lack thereof;
they have no value in themselves
but only for the Love
I have shared
with those whom I have tried to help.

Teilhard de Chardin
reminds me
to Love for Love’s sake alone
and that by
being in Love,
I become One with God,
BEING-in-Love .

Beyond the Rules

Jesus knew

that Love
is the most critical issue
in all of life.

He always acted
from an inner commitment
to embody Love.

For the Hierarchy,
rules and regulations,
conformity and compliance
reign supreme.

These played little,
if any part,
when Jesus was in a situation
to express Love.

For the Hierarchy,
an absolute, strict, legalistic
keeping of the rules
is the highest good.

For Jesus,
the heart of personal responsibility
was seeing beyond a religion that controls,
focusing instead on human needs.

The lesson for us
is that
Love is the supreme goal
in all we do.

When I act in Love,
there is no way I violate the Divine

Even when I break religious rules
I am One with
by Being in Love.