Think before Acting?

My Heart
seems to be
the interpreter of God’s Will
for me.

When I listen
to my Heart,
I seem to be able
to follow God’s Will.

God’s Word
seems to come through Instinct,
through Intuition,
rather than through my mind,
in what seem to be chance happenings.

I am thus trying to form the habit of
acting on intuition
without over-analyzing the situation.

It seems to make no sense
spending hours of thought,
instead simply acting
by trusting in the power of Grace.

I can thus act
without rules, yet in and orderly manner;
without preparation, yet perfectly suited;
without thought, yet profoundly;
without skill, yet in an accomplished way;
without effort, yet very effectively,
without precaution, yet perfectly safe
for the experience at hand.

I am trying
to spend the rest of my time here
acting on my intuition
with Love
as it seems the best way
to do God’s Will.

A word about Hope

From a Dear Friend encouraging me
not to abandon all Hope.

In Buddhism, hope is associated with fear,
in Christianity, with Love.  

Hope from the Buddhist perspective
is rooted in the expectation for something to be other than it is,
a denial of acceptance of present moment.  

In this sense it correctly describes an attachment to success or failure,
which is indeed fear based.  
So the Buddhist teaching to “abandon all hope for fruition”
is a wonderful instruction for training our minds
to release the fear based thinking
that keeps us from awakening to our true Buddha Nature.

In Christianity,
hope is rooted in Love.
It becomes here an instruction for turning away from the fear voice
(richard rohr’s “false self”)
and using hope to train the mind to listen to the Voice for Love
(Holy Spirit or richard rohr’s “True Self”).
Here hope lies in the memory of Love that is discovered
when we have learned to find that Voice
and awaken to our true Christ Nature.

It is at this point that it gets wonderfully  interesting!
Two separate traditions with disparate instruction for handling hope
that arrive at the same place:  
training the mind to return to present awareness
“the Holy Instant”.  

Now the apparent conflict dissolves.  
Buddhist thought is addressing hope as we generally experience it,
as a state of anxiousness arising from wrong mind.  
When this is the case, and it usually is,
the instruction to abandon hope is spot on.  

But hope, when it is experienced through right mind
or identification with Love,
becomes an injunction of quiet faith in the endless possibility for healing
that unfolds when we have opened our mind to God’s Love.

So the real source of our problems isn’t hope.
It is the decision to listen to the wrong voice,
our personal ego thought system
for instruction.

“Hoping” for problems to be solved
then becomes just a fighting against ourselves
(so, by the way does refusing).  

Our true hope lies in knowing we have the ability to choose again,
returning from our wandering
and listening to the Inner Voice of Wisdom
that awaits with infinite patience our return.

When hope is rooted in our ego mind and therefore fear based,
it is misguided and defeatist.  

But it isn’t hope that creates the appearance of danger in the world;
it is fear that does this.  
Hope, when it is sourced from Love,
becomes a powerful tool for active engagement in the world.

Take for instance NelsonMandela , Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King.  
These men didn’t achieve the extraordinary changes
they initiated in the absence of hope.

Their writings and speeches contain evidence that hope,
placed in Love,
was centrally operative in their beliefs and actions.  
These men understood something most of us are still unawakened to:  
that only Love is real.  
This is what enabled them to achieve what they did in so short a time,
as it filled them with a quiet certainty of hope,
sourced in Love,
that is immeasurably powerful.

Refusing to be addicted to hope
is trying to solve the problem from the source
out of which the problem arose in the first place.  
Rather than refusing the abuse of hope as the ego uses it,

we can release it to the Voice for Love within for correction,
and allow that Voice to redirect our thoughts.  

Then any action taken from that Place
will bring healing light into the world.

Love, Nicci

Good from Bad

Hitting a tennis ball around,
I pressed to return a shot,
lost my balance,
crashed to the ground
face first,
head a bloody mess
skidding across the court,
bloodying knee, hand, and shoulder as well.

Rushed to ER,
I had multiple facial bone fractures.

Though young in Spirit,
the bod is 77 and counting.

Blessed am I
that the surgeon on duty
was world-renowned,
repairing cleft-palates and hair lips
for needy children
all across the globe.

Two plates required
to bind facial fractures.

As well,
Dr. Bertz
is a truly loving inspirational man
to be my life-long friend,
I'm sure.

Also Blessed am I
that the hospital requires
all its nurses to be,
not only Competent and Caring,
but also
great looking.

Patient enough,
One can always find
Good from bad.


Tired of Being a caterpillar,
feeling safe and secure,
grounded in doctrine, dogma,
rites and rituals,
rules, and regulations,
I chose to move on
and suffer the dark night of the Chrysalis,
transformed as in metamorphosis
in order to taste the nectar of the heavenly garden
carried aloft by the Breath of the Holy Spirit
on a colorful Butterfly Journey
but oh so Wondrous and Sweet.


Somehow I have to make sure that each day
I am Hungry,
that there's room inside of me for another presence.

When I am filled with
my own opinions, ideas, righteousness, superiority, or sufficiency,
I am a world unto myself and there is no room for "another."

When I can empty myself,
create a vacuum within me,
God fills it,
for God, as nature, abhors a vacuum.

Despite Church attempts to define who is and who is not worthy
to receive communion,
the only ticket or true prerequisite for coming to Eucharist is

And most often, sinners like me
are hungrier than the "saints" who would exclude us.


Today asks me
to re-imagine my Faith, my idea of Church.

I cannot respond with
a petrified Imagination,
(we’ve never done it that way before.)

I must be be able to look honestly
at my life, Church, and the world,
claiming the past with all its successes and failures,
accepting the death of what was,
recognizing the New Spirit given us.

I cannot respond with
a petrified imagination
(relying only on what worked before)
or with
a fuzzy uncritical desire for any and all change.

Looking at how new imagination
has come in the past,
I doubt that it will come from
the hierarchy or theologians or pastors,
and certainly not from
endless meetings or workshops.

The new imagination
will likely not come from Catholics
pathologically and inextricably wrapped up
in their religion.

I suspect it will come from
some wild man or woman,
capturing the imagination of the world,
churched and unchurched
spreading like wildflowers
growing everywhere.

Hence, I must stop shadow-boxing
with my religious past.

The new imagination
will not be about fighting the world
or the religious past.

The answer will come from the Spirit of God,
the wildest of all flowers.


Trekking up the Mountain of Life,
we encounter (find)
many others making their own way Up,
given the opportunity
to help or hinder them
on their Life Journey.

We may climb
close together
for awhile
or for an instant
as if are "losing them"
to their own path Up.

Climbing upward,
we are also gifted
with Soul Mates
those with whom our journeys Upward
are intimately entwined
as if making our ways are
integral to each other
for perhaps, not all of the climb,
but a significant portion.

We don't really
"lose" friends along the way,
but simply part ways on separate journeys.

The Treks of Soulmates,
though separate and unique
Intimately Integral.

example Synergy
One and One make
a new entity,

Though friends
can help or hinder
each other's trek,
Soulmates change each other's

Brain and/or Heart

has nothing to do with knowledge;
it has to do with

I am able to use all my Gifts
to Grow
in Life
in Love.

I don’t need to accumulate knowledge
to gain Wisdom.
I simply needed to move my Gifts, my Light
out of the bushel,
transcending Conventional Wisdom
in my search for True Wisdom.

Striving to find and BE
True Self,
is easy;
trying to be someone I was Not
took all my energy.

I learned that
I do not have to pretend to be
someone I am not.

Finding and Accepting me
as I am
becomes an acceptance of everyone else.

In wisdom,
I do not have to try to impose my will on others,
simply respecting their point of view
as theirs.

Animals follow instincts.
Because I am intelligent,
I went through most of my life
repressing instincts;
In wisdom
I listen to my instincts,
to my heart.

In wisdom,
my life seems more controlled by my heart,
than my mind.

I try to avid sabotaging myself,
my happiness,
my Love.

In Wisdom,
Guilt and Shame can be shed,
ridding myself of judgment
of others and myself.

In Wisdom
I can no longer be Controlled
by beliefs that dwell in guilt and cause suffering.

Once I surrender
to my True Self,
the Divine Within,
I surrender to Life,
to Love,
to God
as BEING-in-Love,

I discovered
I am Being Wise
when I am Being myself,
My True Self,
Being in Love.

Being in Love
making me
with God,