To find the real world
I cannot simply observe and measure
what is outside me,
but to discover within
my deepest self,
True Self.

That us why the pat answers
offered us by institutionalized religions
just don't work.

The mystery
where I reside
where I am present
to my own self
and everyone else
is not a visible, objective, determined structure
with fixed rules, laws, and demands,
a living, self-creating mystery,
of which I uniquely am a part.

 Institutional pat answers
insist on showing creation
apart and other than me,
alienating me 
from myself
and from Others.

As suggested by many Spiritual Leaders,
I choose to Live the Questions
rather than seeking security
in shiny pat answers
offering some reward,
but only in the next life.

Time for an Equal Expression of the Divine

The Divine Feminine

buried alive for millennia
with undiminished potency
is rising from the shadows
radiating into every arena
of human experience.

Not simply as an alternative
to a masculine hierarchical model of holiness
but as an Equal Expression
of the ineffable,
the Divine Feminine
is about Embodiment
Immanence (not transcendence)
Incarnational Spirituality.

The Divine Feminine
is the felt experience of the Sacred
in Nature,
in Relationships,
in Community,
in Peace and Justice,
in Art,
in Love.

Rather than vertical ascension
up and out of the world,
the Sacred Feminine
celebrates the body
and its Interdependence
with all things.

The Divine Feminine
wields not a sword,
but rather
needed now
more than ever.

Contemplation is Not . . .

In Contemplation
I find
not enjoyment,
not pleasure,
not happiness,
not peace,
a transcendent experience
of reality and truth,
Being in Love.

In Contemplation
I find
not gratification,
not rest,
and Freedom.

I have found that
is not some sleepy, suave, restful
embrace of Being
in a dark generalized contentment,
not something general and abstract,
but something concrete and particular
like a Divine piercing of  my darkness.

In Contemplation,
I seem to awaken to the Divine within me
becoming One with
Being in Love.


I Doubt, Therefore I Am

For so much of my life,
I rued Doubt
as a sign of unfaithfulness.

I now realize
that Doubt is the entry way
to certitude,
not my personal certitude,
but God’s
within me.

Given that the ultimate reality
is God
dwelling in me,
I am not justified
by any action of my own,
but called by God,
by the voice of Ultimate BEING,
to pierce through
the irrelevance of my ego
to find relevance
in God.

I had to learn that
relevance in God
is not something I can grasp
or possess,
only something I can receive
as Gift.

My life, thus,
must be
to Gift,
from God
and from Others.

The Journey

My Spiritual Journey

is not a dream,
not a temptation to escape,
not an evasion from life.

It is not an avoidance of contradiction
or running from confusion.

On the contrary,
the path
leads to clarity and unity
through contradiction and confusion
by way of my acceptance
of things as they are.

The journey does not withdraw
from fire;
it is in the very heart
of fire,
yet remaining cool,
through gentleness and humility
attained through

Once I set foot on this path
and began the journey,
I had no excuse for stopping
as I recognized without doubt or hesitation
that this path, this journey
is the only thing
fully real
with all else deception
or at best a clue
to my
Spiritual Journey.

Blessing for me

A Blessing for Me

is finding
a Space
of Liberty and Silence
in which
Possibilities are allowed to surface
along with new choices,
beyond the routine.

Such a Space
creates for me
a new experience of time,
not as a stop-gap of stillness,
not as a blank to be filled,
not as an untouched space to be conquered,
but as a Space
which seems to enjoy
its own potentiality and hope
its own Presence to itself,
Virgin Time.

It is My Own Time,
but not dominated by my ego
and its demands.

It is Time
OPEN to others,
Compassionate Time,
Time for
Being in Love.