Choices in Life

As were you,
I was given
an entrance ticket
to Life.
We were conceived;
we did not conceive ourselves.

I was not able to choose
to come into existence.

Though, once born,
We face many choices.

One choice I have made
is to say YES
to the Gift from God
of my existence.

My whole life
has been one
Extended Invitation
to say YES
to my Creator.

Granted, I have had to learn
how to articulate my YES
to a God that is
communicating God-self to me
in each and every moment
of my existence.

I have had to awaken to God as
Life transmitting Life,
Love transmitting Love.

And so each morning I pray
Dear God
Please give me the Courage and Strength
to do Your Will today;
Help me to Love,
Help me to Heal in Your Name,
Help me to Grow in Faith, and
Help me to help others find You.

Each and Every Day
I so Pray,
I get a POSITIVE response.

God (only?) Father

Whatever Happened to Mother God?

I know God as
an Active Loving Presence
to me
and in me,
not some aloof, formal judge.

I know God as BEING
close, warm, tender
like a Loving Mother.

I know God as
BEING True Mother
in nature
by our Creation.

In God as Mother,
I am endlessly born
and out of whom I shall never come.

I know God as
deeply feminine, tender, wise,
and Loving,
whose Love never leaves me.

God’s Love as Mother
is near, ready, natural, true, and sure.

God as Mother
enfolds, embraces, and shelters me
with mothering understanding,
wisdom, and tenderness.

Mother God, for me,
is a Cheerful giver
with supreme tact,
a happy countenance
and a warm welcome.

 Mother God
surrounds me
in Love.
Knowing God as Mother
has been
enlightening my mind,
healing my hurts,
softening my heart,
making me anew
Being in Love.

Knowing God as Mother
helps me see all things in
God’s Glory;
helps me hear the Word of God
in my everydayness;
helps me Listen to God’s Will
in Dialogue with Others.

Mother God
feeds me, nourishes me
with Her Milk of Life.

God as Mother
knows me intimately,
Loves me Wisely.

The strictly masculine image of God
lacks a sense of
gestation, giving birth, lactation, and nurturing
so integral to Creation,
to me.

The strictly masculine image of God
lacks a sense of
the interdependence of life.

Mother God
has provided me
a cocoon of Love
where the slow but inevitable process
of Spiritual Transformation
takes place.

Open your mind, heart, soul
(and religion)
to Mother God.

Simplicity in the Now

God's Purpose

is made actual
for me and each of us
precisely in the totality
of the situation
in which we find ourselves
at each single moment
of our conscious lives;
of infinite, tender, merciful, all-powerful

The only proper response by us
is to
live that moment to the fullest by
Being in Love.

The past
is no longer with us
and the future
has not yet come.

All we really ever have
the Precious Present Moment,
this day, this hour, this moment
with our Creator as

I need not mystical experiences
or private revelations;
I simply wish to respond to the Divine,
Being in Love
in this very moment.

Oh Joy,
this approach
brings enormous beautiful simplicity
to my life!

From Dialogue to Theology

is so fundamental
to True Christianity,
it is difficult to understand
why it is so poorly developed
within Catholicism.

Jesus was constantly in Dialogue with Others.

True Theology
is born through
and it must start by

Theology is a Quest for Truth
that Presupposes Dialogue.

The Dialogue begun with Vatican II
did not last very long
as Preservation of the Institution
was/is the paramount focus
of those in control.

Poor Dialogue
has resulted in
Poor Theology.

Much has been written about
the crises in the Church;
the crisis of authority and credibility,
the crisis of religious vocations,
the crisis of doctrine and dogma,
the financial crises,
the crisis of hierarchical abuse,
sexual and other,
But behind all of these is
a profound crisis of Theology.

Any and all bold and prophetic Theologians
willing to re-think and re-formulate Catholic Theology
have been threatened, sacked, exiled, silenced
and even excommunicated.

Catholicism is bad Theology
because of the ruling structures
of the Church.
Narrow orthodoxy
is its measure of loyalty.
Thirst for Truth
is wrongly labeled
New thoughts
are anathema.

is the basis
for Good Theology
is the basis
           for a healthy Church.        
Lack of it
results in
a church on its deathbed.

Good Theology
is the Human
kneading of the Word of God,
shaping it into Human words and images,
baking in the fire of Human experiences,
so that it can be
the Bread of Life.

It cannot be the voice of one group
or one gender.

Good Theology
needs the full range of human experience
communicated and shared
in Honest Open Dialogue.

within the Institution,
Dialogue will flourish outside the walls,
                                      in the light of human experience,
growing a Theology
as Jesus did,
by simply Being in Love.

An Open Gate . . .

An Overlooked Gate to the Divine

Many writers familiar with
John of the Cross
assume that this mystic and spiritual teacher
made exclusive use
of two approaches to the Mystery of God:
The Upper Gate of Transcendence
The Lower Gate of Introspection and Indwelling.

To approach God through the Upper Gate
is to encounter the Transcendent God On High
on the Mountain Top
shrouded in fog
by the Cloud of the Unknowing.

To approach God through the Lower Gate
is to journey within oneself
in order to meet God
dwelling within the Soul.

John of the Cross
was also about the journey to God
through a Middle Gate,
the discovery of God
in Creation,
in people,
in events,
in nature,
in the Universe.

John’s Middle Gate to the Mystery of God is
Sensitivity to Beauty, Compassion
as well as
Being in Love

The Middle Gate
opens to parent, spouse, child,
relative, friend, companion, soul mate,
neighbor, prisoner,
sickly, hungry, thirsty.

To pass through the Middle Gate
is to see God Incarnated as Creation,
as BEING-in-Love.