The Journey of Love

The Spiritual Journey

is a journey of

It is the answer to
a Divine Call of Love.

This Love
burns at a very deep level of consciousness.
The Human heart is restless
yearning for Love
with an all-consuming and passionate fire.

Early Christians wrote constantly of Love,
many through the Song of Songs.
many questioning the relationship between
the Mystical and the Erotic.

Love is not just spiritual;
having its roots in matter, in the body.
It does not reject the physical,
or the emotional, or the erotic,
it simply encompasses them
and moves beyond them,
further and further beyond.

The Mystical Journey
resonates with passionate romantic Love.
Those in Love
feel theirs is the greatest
the world has ever known,
that it will never die,
that it is Divine.

In Love,
two people truly share their being
in a deep communion,
just as the Creator shares Being
with Creation,
in Love.

In Love,
two people find profound fulfillment,
joined in a common solitude
somewhat apart from society.

Yet, In Love,
the barriers of time and space
are overcome,
uniting the Lovers with the cosmos
and all in it.

In Love,
extraordinary powers are awakened,
the lovers able to see
the eternal in the temporal,
the infinite in the finite,
God in Creation.

As much as true Lovers
crave each other,
they lovingly gift each other
with Freedom
to become Who each was created to be,
unique beings in Love,
one with God
as BEING-in-Love.


The Whole Universe

is a Sacrament.

Each created thing
is of infinite value and significance
because it exists,
in its Being,
participating with God

Every Human Being
is not merely an isolated individual,
carried along in time
and doomed to extinction,
but a child of the Divine
working out his/her destiny
in space and time,
subject to the material world,
but destined to transcend
the limitations of time and space
and mortality
entering the fullness of life

When we have passed beyond
the conditions of the present life,
we will have the integral understanding
in which the Whole is known in every part
and every part is seen to mirror the Whole.

In Love,
we can begin to discern the Truth,
for Love gives us a knowledge
beyond Faith and Reason.

The Divine Mystery
is ultimately a Mystery of Love,
for God is

When we give ourselves totally to Love,
Love gives itself totally to us.

Love lies at the Heart of our existence,
shaping our lives,
in an all-consuming fire
that cleanses and purifies us,
transforming us into
Beings in Love.

Love all  God’s Creation,
the Whole of it
and every grain of sand in it.

Love every leaf
and every ray of light.

Love the animals,
love the plants,
love everything.

When we love everything
we will perceive
the mystery in things.

I am learning to begin
to comprehend it a bit more each day,
striving towards
a love of the whole world
in a Divine all-embracing Love.

Doing so I become
a Being in Love
becoming One with God

Responding . . .

A Call

I felt a call
to Openness
of mind and heart.

I experienced true Joy
at the release from
the smallness of my beliefs.

I was dazzled with Mystery,
covered up by
the bushel in which I dwelled
and the weight of knowns
provided me
by the bushel-keepers.

I needed to let go of
what I thought I knew,
the convictions I held for so long,
the judgments and biases I fostered,
the inflexible tensions of knowing.

I had to let go of all that filled my mind,
a bit like cleaning out a house
in which I have lived for a long time
in preparation for a move
to a much smaller, but cozier home.

I had to let go of
thoughts I held so long,
which upon examination,
I found quite easy to discard.

I found that
not questioning my beliefs and assumptions
was foolish.
It kept me in ignorance.

I found Peace and Joy in
I don’t Know.

Not knowing is stillness.
I can simply experience,
I can simply explore.
To know
that I don’t know
allowing my Awareness
to relax deeply into open inquiry
is to access depths of insight and wisdom
far more meaningful and profound
and true
than anything I could access with
conceptual knowing.

Out of the bushel,
undefended by conception
I can arrive at the holy ground of

The innocence of Inquiry
generously allowed me
to free myself
of tightly held concepts and beliefs
that obscured reality.

True Openness
of mind and heart,
is always freely available;
I simply have to learn,
through Intention and Attention
to abide in it.

What I Can Add

What I can Add

On my Journey,
I can add

Creativity does not arise
within the bushel,
in a mind closed in on itself,
tiptoeing through life
afraid of rocking the boat.

Moving out of the bushel
allowed me to view each moment freshly,
giving me the spaciousness
of formless awareness
to work its magic
of Wise Intention.

There are always Options.

Every moment can be guided by
using the arisings in the Present moment
to set a new path.

I am learning
to apply Intention and Attention
and Creativity
to each new moment’s appearance.

I strive to harness my energy
in alignment with my Intention,
making skillful use of all my Gifts.

Unharnessed Energy is wasted,
as with all the unmindful moments in my life,
so potentially destructive.

I need to Create
Special Conditions in my life;
conditions that enhance an Awakening,
a Transformation.

I do not want my life to signify nothing;
All of Creation will delight
in my liberation.


Intention and Attention

I am learning that
Intention is not striving or desiring or grasping.
I already tried those most of my life.

Intention is simply a course setting.

Wise Noble Intention
keeps me quietly in the flow
resting more and more
in the ground of my Being.

Intention is the direction
in which I place
my Being,

Attention keeps my mind
on track,
keeping my path on target.

I begin my Journey
with Intention
to use my time
with skill and Wisdom.

I place my attention
on Love
in the Precious Present Moment.

I work at
concentrating, focusing, stabilizing
my attention
bringing balance to every moment.

My attention finds its balance point
in my Intention.
it may slip,
but can refocus based on my Intention.

I trust that my Attention
eventually will not waver
thanks to a Noble and Wise Intention.