The Nature of God

The Nature of God
has shifted in my awareness
throughout my lifetime
and even many times during each day.

Sometimes God seems to be
a Concept in my mind
with no current experiential reality.

At times
I have identified the Divine
with my Superego,
identifying God
with my conscience
regarding behavior towards a set of rules
for which I will be rewarded or punished,
God as Judge.

Sometimes, God seems
a transpersonal Presence,
awesome and intimate,
an end-in-itself Communion,
God my Lover.

God seems my Guide,
One who’s Will I call upon,
My Helper, Healer, Sanctifier.

I have sensed God
as subtle Giver,
in events and in the environment,
God as Creator-Sustainer.

In powerful moments of Awareness,
I have sensed God
as so pervasive,
that everything specific disappears,
God No-Thing,
Infinite Fullness,
my open-ended identity
pulsing life
into me,
into the Cosmos.
I have sensed God
where I have not before,
in the spaces
between my thoughts,
in the nothings between my excitements,
in the darkness
as well as the light.

I have had to learn
to Trust
beyond my shifting feelings or concepts
of God.

God may have been reflected in my experiences,
But in NONE of my senses of the Divine,
is God fully revealed.

My Trust in God
has to be Free
to Soar in me Unbound,
free of any of my past attachments
to particular images, concepts, feelings, experiences,
as substitutes for
the Real BEING.

Over my lifetime
I have had to relinquish many such attachments
to which I clung
for security.

I have had to learn to move
from a latent image of God
toward an actual likeness of God,
being one with the
Being in Love.

Doing so
reflects my fundamental dynamic nature
as an Offspring of the Infinite.

In this nature
is my ultimate dignity,
reverencing the Divine Dignity
of others
in Love.



has been Key,
a needed important

Curiosity nourished me
led me to
Discovery, Purpose, and then

As I aged,
I began to truly Understand,
started to have
a Broader Perspective,
learning that there is
Greater Growth for me
if I did not
hold on to my discoveries.

As I shared
my Discoveries
with any and all,
they seemed to impact people.

I did not try to say
“Do this or Do that”
“My way is the right way.”

All I shared was
where I am
and how I got here,
my journey,
leaving it up to another
to interpret it
however they saw fit.

Others may or may not have benefited
but I sure have.

Transformation or Stagnation

Tired of Being a caterpillar,
feeling safe and secure,
grounded in doctrine, dogma,
 rites and rituals,
rules, and regulations,
I chose to move on
and suffer the dark night of the Chrysalis,
transformed as in metamorphosis
in order to taste the nectar of the heavenly garden
carried aloft by the Breath of the Holy Spirit
on a colorful Butterfly Journey,
but oh so Wondrous and Sweet.

Seeking Wisdom

has nothing to do with knowledge;
it has to do with

I am able to use all my Gifts
to Grow
in Life
in Love.

I don’t need to accumulate knowledge
to gain Wisdom.
I simply needed to move my Gifts, my Light
out of the bushel,
transcending Conventional Wisdom
in my search for True Wisdom.

Striving to find and BE
True Self,
is easy;
trying to be someone I was Not
took all my energy.

I learned that
I do not have to pretend to be
someone I am not.

Finding and Accepting me
as I am
becomes an acceptance of everyone else.

In wisdom,
I do not have to try to impose my will on others,
simply respecting their point of view
as theirs.

Animals follow instincts.
Because I am intelligent,
I went through most of my life
repressing instincts;
In wisdom
I listen to my instincts,
to my heart.
In wisdom,
my life seems more controlled by my heart,
than my mind.

I try to avid sabotaging myself,
my happiness,
my Love.

In Wisdom,
Guilt and Shame can be shed,
ridding myself of judgment
of others and myself.

In Wisdom
I can no longer be Controlled
by beliefs that dwell in guilt and cause suffering.

Once I surrender
to my True Self,
the Divine Within,
I surrender to Life,
to Love,
to God
as BEING-in-Love,

I discovered
I am Being Wise
when I am Being myself,
My True Self,
Being in Love.

Being in Love
making me
with God,

Possible Answer

Why did you leave the Church?

Tired of being
a Caterpillar,
feeling safe and secure,
I chose to suffer
the dark night of the Chrysalis
in order to
savor the nectar of the heavenly garden
and be carried aloft by
The Holy Spirit
in a Butterfly flight so short
but oh so
Wondrous and Free.