For most people,
is closely associated with
solidity, permanence, finality, universality, and security.

Why then did Jesus call Truth,
Living Water?

While most think of Truth as some Sacred Rock,
Jesus visualized it as water,
amorphous, adaptable, incapable of being grasped.

Like water,
everyday Truth can only be frozen
by killing it.

Spiritual Growth
is about
Discovering Truth Anew
every day.

Impermanence is Reality;
Reality is impermanent.

The earth changes; Situations change; We change.
Change is Truth.

To hold on to
a fixed idea, concept, doctrine, dogma, or opinion
is committing
Spiritual Suicide.

The more banal a truth, truism, platitude,
the greater the sense of security.
The more significant a Truth,
the weaker the security.
Truth is not about Security.

Thus Spiritual Education
is not an accumulation of knowledge,
it is about Letting Go,
unlearning, deprogramming, dropping what we have.

Some complain that Jesus’ teachings
were full of ambiguity.

They are,
but is that a shortcoming?

Ambiguity allows for personal individual lessons.
Intelligibility and precision are not compatible.
As a poet, I thrive on ambiguity.

Ambiguity allows for a wealth of meanings.

The “Orthodox” religious
have regarded mystics and the spiritually advanced
as dangerous heretics and
perverters of “True Faith.”
Those fundamentalists are adults
in children’s clothes,
refusing to grow up.

The need for security and attachment is deep-seated.
We cannot expect to eradicate it,
only counterbalance it
and heal it with Love.

Control is only an illusion.

Elements of Zen

What I can Learn from Zen

The first and most important aspect of Zen
is Presence
an ability to be fully aware of what is going on
around me
Within me.

The second key element of Zen
is Ordinariness
using common and natural objects and experiences
as teaching tools.

The third element of Zen
is Zest,
having Fun
through Art.

The fourth element of Zen
is Insight,
the ability to see deeply
into the nature of things,
an essential element
of poetry and humor.

The fifth element of Zen
is Creative Quietude,
Supreme Activity
coexists with
Supreme Relaxation.

The sixth element of Zen
is Gentleness,
which distinguishes
a True Artist from a craftsman.

The seventh element of Zen
is Freedom,
the ability to free myself
from my ego.
The Eighth element of Zen
is Simplicity,
with Zen, a discipline 
to make life Simple.

The Ninth element of Zen
is Paradoxity,
defying logic and /or common sense,
but being true.

The Tenth element of Zen
is Right-Brain Orientation,
as Art is about
Seeing, Listening, Feeling, and Touching,
and less about thoughts.

The final element of Zen
is Soulfulness,
an inward orientation
as opposed to religion’s outward orientation.

Wisdom Apart from Knowledge

My Goal:
Finding True Self,
the Divine Within.

I had to learn
that knowledge is not the Key,
whereas Wisdom is.

I learned that
if I depended solely of knowledge,
on knowing,
I would be its slave,
no longer free.

I learned that
Wisdom has nothing to do with knowledge;
it depends on Freedom.
Only in being Free
could I gain Wisdom,
could I be Wise.

I did not, I do not
need to accumulate knowledge
to become Wise.

With Wisdom
I do not need to try to be
someone other than
who I am;
I can accept myself

In Wisdom
I do not need to change Others
or impose my beliefs on Them.
I can respect Others.

With and In Wisdom,
I move out of my mind
and into my Heart.
My life is moved,
not by my head,
but by my Heart.
In and with Wisdom
I no longer carry judgments
against myself,
against Others.

With Wisdom, In Wisdom,
I can be Who I was created
to Be.

In Wisdom,
I can be myself.

Wisdom is born of
and brings with it

In that Freedom,
I am not afraid
to express Love,
to BE in Love.

With Wisdom
my Heart is an expression of Love,
an expression of my life.

When my Heart speaks,
even in resistance to my mind,
something wonderful happens;
my Heart opens another Heart
and Love grows.

I am alive
because of the power of God,
I exist
because of Love.
Wisdom comes in being fully aware of this
by Growing Love.

Bushel Basket Belief Systems
keep us trapped
with boundaries and limitations.
Wisdom’s Freedom
helps us to see that we do not need others
to tell us God’s Will for us;
Wisdom is not needing
intermediaries in my search for
True Self, the Divine Within.

The Power of Life,
is Within,
where God resides.

I do not need someone
to take me to God;
I am already there.

I find True Joy
when I share the Love
Within me.

And Wisdom gives me the Freedom
to Love.

By Being in Love,
I align with the Spirit,
my life becoming an expression
of Beauty,
a masterpiece of art,
uniting with
Creator of all.


The stronger the Love between two people,
the stronger the internal drive to move swiftly toward ultimate transfiguration,
the total surrender that is Love's.

A third entity comes into existence when two people love each other: 
the reality of their Love itself.

When two lovers say "we"
because love has made them WE in reality,
 a new sphere of existence is created. 

The whole world takes on a new dimension, a new depth. 
This new sphere of existence is not simply already there;
it comes into existence as a function of the free self-giving
 of one person to another.

The hidden dynamism of their Love  reveals itself as real,
an energy field,
so charged with Presence
that its physical existence is unmistakable. 

And this particular entity is a sacramental power,
very strong and universal.

True Love is a transforming force
and is really birth-pangs of Union on a higher plane. 

This union is for lovers themselves the final fusion of the soul,
which will henceforth exist as a permanent energy within the cosmos,
available not only to themselves,
 but to the world itself.

  Love's purpose is to sow Love;
to sow it deeper;
to sow it vaster. 

Wherever Love's vibration sounds,
Love is the issue.

Lovers become One,
not only with each other,
but with God,
Being in Love.

The Heart at Work

The Spiritual faculty of the Heart
is a quality of intuitive awareness,
a sense of inclusive, compassionate, undefended, being directly in touch.
This undefended knowing
allows us to drop beneath the thinking mind,
 to touch upon real experience,
unhindered by ego's sense of self,
without fear or agenda.