A Certain Special Way

A Certain Special Way of Being

I have found
to be an intensification of Life,
a completeness, a fullness, a wholeness.

I no longer vegetate through my days,
no longer simply routine.

I have discovered
that life is not a straight line
from birth to death,
instead curving upward
to peaks of intensity,
high points of value and meaning,
when my creative potential
goes into action.

Being in Love,
I am able to transcend myself
in encounter, with response, in communion
with others.
This is why I was created;
for Communion and

I was not fully human
until I was able to give myself to others
Being in Love.

Being in Love
is my/our true destiny.

Unable to find the meaning of life
by study and meditation alone,
I began to discover its secret
revealed solely in Love.

I could only be fully real
by Being in Love,
one with the another
and the Divine

I Love You

I Love You

When I say
I Love You,
it is not
a logical, quantitative, practical

It is not a simple linear piece of information
leading to some particular conclusion.

I Love You
is not my attempt to communicate
a previously unknown,
verifiable piece of information.

My repeated use of the words
I Love You
is not redundant,
rather like each new rising sun,
it offers new unexplored possibilities.

Each carries within it
the promise of renewed and deepened
levels of intimacy.

I Love You
The words do not account for
what the words convey.
They simply are
the occasion for the Love they express
to appear.

I Love You
expresses the deepest ground of my Being,
something for which
a lifetime of striving
would not be enough.

One Love

By Being in Love
I am One with God as

Love is a most privileged place/way
to connect with the Divine.

seems the essence,
the dynamic energy,
of every human being.
Without it,
I would not be able to experience
a desire for
or aspiration to
the Divine.

is a Unity
that is non-dualistic.
There is not
human Love
Divine Love
with any separation

God as Love
does not live only on
the mountain tops of nothingness,
but indeed also in
the wooded valleys of humanity.

resides in
human love itself.

Being in Love,
I am

Solitude, not Isolation

When I am
Being in Love,
One with the Divine as
God breaks my isolation
while at one and the same time
respecting my Solitude.

When I am Being in Love
I am no longer isolated
with God permitting me
to be me, myself,
not my masks, my roles in life,
but my True Self.

When I am genuinely alone,
I encounter the Divine,
not as an object,
but as
the most intimate aspect of myself,
what is most interior to me,
what I most truly am,
which then
opens me to others.

Without solitude,
I cannot find True Self,
or God.

I can only begin to reach
the heart of reality
and be myself,
by removing the masks
that I have used to defined me.

This experience of the Divine
is risky;
it overthrows the bushel
in which I felt secure,
leading me to
I know not where.

But I know that my Unknowing
transcends any knowledge
of the Divine.

The Sacred

Looking for God has been like standing in a lake of fresh water
and being thirsty.

I had sought the Sacred and the Divine
when I live in a world that is holy and saturated with divinity,
if only I had the eyes to see it.

I needed to see in a sacred manner.

Its not that the world is secular and godless;
its that I was not looking at it in a spiritual way.

 I am trying to live a profound, paradoxical insight
that the sacred and the mundane share the same space.

My goal is
to have no distinction between the spiritual and the secular
in my life and person.

I dont want anyone to look at me and say, hes a very spiritual person.
And yet, I long for the most mystical and sacred manner of life I can imagine.

I can stand in Torch Lake
and drink in all the divinity that nourishes me.

I dont want to be spiritual,
and I dont want to be worldly;
 I want whatever results when I thoroughly mix the two.

 It takes constant study and effort and meditation and dialogue
to maintain a sacred way of seeing.
It challenges me and asks for patience and extraordinary persistence.

It isnt simple piety.
A sacred vision is something I can only attain
through deep awareness,
while enduring any setbacks,
with a willingness to take life on
with Love
rather than avoid it.

I try to  learn from
 Dom Bede Griffiths and Meister Eckhart and Richard Rohr and Thomas Merton
and Henri Nouwen and Anthony DeMello and the Hopi and the Iroquois
and Rumi and the Sufi poets
and Saint Francis of Assisi and Julian of Norwich
and Hildegard of Bingen and Theresa of Calcutta and  Theresa The Little  Flower,
and Elizabeth Johnson.

I am devoted to spiritual learning,
but give my heart to ordinary life and the world of the senses.
 I try to safeguard against
any pious, well-intentioned escape from this world,
which is, after all, the house, if not the very body, of the Divine.

Incarnation is Creation.

I simply try to live by
Being in Love
I have discovered
that it is the gateway to God,
Who is